Using shocking values

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 The first thing we can see on this ad is the picture quite disturbing: It represents men and women’s nudes bodies, all together, mixed up and down in different ways. We can not see their sex because they hide their parts of body just to preserve their intimacy.There is a white dazzling light under them in order to focus on the bodies. The name of the perfume for men is “Masculine,” which is darker bottle; the name of the perfume for women is “Feminine,” which is lighter bottle, as to note that the perfume for men is stronger. It is a mean to get a message away: “It smells strong, it represents virility”. Perfume bottles are up and down to insist on the similarity between humans and the product.


D&G uses this picture to impress people and this is a success. In one hand, marketers are aware that using shoching values like sex is good for saling.One important tenchnique in perfume advertising is to highlight the product through one of major theme of the life because people are concerned by the subject so finally, they are more attracted by the product.In the ohter hand, sex sells it is true but there are some limits to respect. Dolce&Gabanna’s suggests more independence of both genders and free interplay of sexuality, ranging from heterosexuality to homesexuality, from monogamy to group sex. I personaly think that it is too expressive.Where are limits of a marketing strategy?

Compared with the ad below representing the perfume “Scent to bed”, do you think it is too explicit?


A scandal or not?

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At that time, a new scandal is in all discussions in England: Is that perfume ad too suggestive for appearing in teens magazines?

This perfume advertisement promotes the perfume “Scent to bed” created by Fashion Label french Connection United Kingdom”( FCUK company). It appears in teens magazines as “Seventeen” or “Teen People” few days ago. Parents are outraged by the explicitness of this ad because it shows two teenagers together who are going to have sexual relations.

The company defends its racy ads by noting the hypersexual environment in which teens live but parents refuse to accept teens having sex or being influenced by any advertisement. How to react to this scandal? This is a real problem?


The name of perfume is “Scent to bed” which means the perfume to the bed. It is very explicit. Moreover, the name of the company is Fcuk which is fun because when you remplace the ‘u’ by the ‘c’ it becomes Fuck.  All the ad is focus on teenagers and their sexual relations even the product and the name of the company are explicit but with a lot of fun. However, we can note that the image is not at all scandalous. In fact, there are two teenagers together. The man, bare-chested, has his hand on the girl light dressed but we can see nothing of their body. She is smiling and he is looking at her. The image is in black and white but not really the two perfumes.

After this short analisis, what do you think about this scandal?


For my part, it is true that teenagers live in an hypersexual environment everyday. It is not like a sexual revolt because it is a trend but there is a shift in attitudes as regards sexuality and younger people. All adults are aware about sexual activites of their children; They live a volatile stage when they grow up to become adults. They have an awkward age, period of their first sexual experience. Marketers understand this new evolution so they react by playing with it. They use moments, activities where teenagers can identify them easily. They have to do this to stay up-to-date and cool on teenagers’ minds. The first sexual experience is one of their current problems.

In addition to this, teenagers can see sexual image everywhere in the daily life: On TV, on magazines, in all media indeed. Here the novelty is that teenagers are actors in the ad instead of adults. It is the mean to show them they are new consumers and new actors in the adults’ world. By this way, teenagers feel like adults and believe they are more independant.

The real problem here is not that ad but the generation gap between teenagers and some narrow-minded parents. This ad reprensents reality without vulgarity. It is neither rude nor insolent. Teenagers reject some parents’ values so there exist quarrels but everybody live these moments one day.

This marketing strategy is ingenious. This ad shocks and everybody speaks about it. The Word-of-Mouth is the better publicity for a product in particular in teens group who like to be in contradiction with the the older generation.

A perfume, a dream

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cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

 In order to insist on the dream provocated by a perfume, I want to show you this ad. The perfume is Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent. Companies know all the marketing strategies to sell their product. That’s why they use some methods to permit women to escape to the daily life. When a woman perfumes her, she identifies her to the ambassador in the publicity. Then, a famous woman is better to sell the perfume.

On this publicity, the woman is famous, on-light, well dressed, with a lot of men around her. She has success in love and in her life in general. We can suppose that she is rich and that she has all she needs. This image of a spread woman is a factor of success for the perfume.


CHANEL ad comments

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The advertisement “Her kiss, her smile, her perfume” created for the perfume “Chanel n°5” is very captivating and curious to analyse. Indeed, it looks like a movie where the well-known actress is Nicole Kidman.

The actress is surprised by all photographs around her. The video is now in black and white in order to contrast with the first stage. She runs and seems elusive in a pink dress with feathers like a bird. She is frightened by a flash and panics. The scandal exploses. Nicole Kidman disappears in a taxi and takes flight with a foreign and unknown man. The consumers are exciting because is surprising and quite risky. Finally, she takes refuge in his apartment. The moment of the kiss arrives; Then, it is very intensive, romantic and sensual because the man is sexy and represents virility. Fireworks display behind provoke surprise. At dawn, after this special night of love, she leaves. The man is alone on the brand board and life continues as before. Nicole Kidman appears, inocent, feminine and mysteious on the red carpet, flooded with photographs. She looks back his love and smiles. When she leaves, we can see the logo “Chanel n°5” in diamonds, representing beauty and luxe.


Chanel is the only perfume company to create this type of small movies. This strategy is efficient and original. Cinema with famous people represents a dream world for some of us. The Chanel’s target is women who dream to become famous or to live that sort of exciting story with a beautiful young man. Chanel understood that women need to identify with the famous woman. The ad created like a movie permits women to feel excited by the product. It is a sale strategy because they want to buy this perfume to feel love and beautiful at the same time and look like to Nicole Kidman. Having this perfume, it is like to go to the unknown and escape to the daily life.

 Nicole Kidman is perfect to endorse this brand. She has been a model for Chanel since 2003. She represents beauty, feminity and sensuality. The choice of  actors is evident. The ad is imaginated around the movie “Moulin rouge” where Nicole Kidman is one of the main actress. Paris, with the moulin rouge, gives a french touch to the ad. That explains the romantic kiss at the top of the building, even if we know that it is a french stereotype.

This ad is effective because everybody know the movie “Moulin rouge”. Moreover, the choice of Nicole Kidman is appropriate. Globally, the ad is known by all women because it is different from others publicities of perfume. The slogan is in all minds “Her kiss, her smile, her perfume”. The perfume is considerated as a characteritic of the woman. Adding to this, the Chanel logo is present everywhere at every moment: when there are the kiss, when the man is alone in his apartement and above all at the end. The goal is to leave a mark in the mind of the consumer.

Chanel know marketing strategies to sell its perfume with originality. That’s why this company is well-known all over the world.

Her kiss, her smile, her perfume

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Discover a great market

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The perfume market is very significant in France with 170 000 numbers of bottles sold each day.

All over the world, perfume is considered as a luxury product. Moreover, it represents elegance, feminity and love. We will study some of the marketing strategies in this special world, where women are beautiful ambassadors.